West Valley Urgent Care is equipped to help with drug testing and substance abuse programs. We offer these drug tests at all locations and they can be administered quickly with a fast turn-around of the results (depending on the test).

Drug Testing Services

Our Drug Testing Services Include
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return to Duty and Follow-up
  • Post Accident
  • Random Drug Screening

At West Valley Urgent Care drug testing locations, you will be treated with professional courtesy and confidentiality. It is our goal to have patients in and out within an hour.

Drug test services require you to provide a urine sample, on site, that we will test for a number of controlled substances, including cocaine, amphetamines and marijuana. If you are taking any prescription medications, please bring the pill bottle or a note from your doctor, particularly for narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxers or tranquilizers.