14 Dec

Things To Do If You Get The Flu

With flu season right around the corner, you are most likely taking steps to prevent the spread of the flu by getting a flu shot, keeping your hands clean, etc. But what should you do if you end up catching the flu? Get better soon with this advice from West Valley Care.

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06 Dec

Tips for a Healthy Winter

Winter is most definitely here, and it brings with it the inevitable colds, coughs and other illnesses that mark this time of year. But a few simple tips can help you fully enjoy the season without compromising your health. Staying healthy during the cold, winter season is the first step to ensuring that you and your family can enjoy all that winter has to offer.

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10 Aug

Flu Shots Now Available

Getting your yearly influenza shot from West Valley Urgent Care is a quick and convenient way to help protect yourself from the flu. By immunizing yourself, you also help to prevent the spread of the flu.
Every year in August, our urgent care clinics stock that season’s flu vaccine. That way, you can get your flu shot as soon as possible.

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